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Teach Abroad - NW Partners


Partnering with AHA International provides faculty from Northwest partner institutions a unique opportunity to teach at select AHA sites. Northwest faculty teach two courses during a term and work in collaboration with AHA’s onsite administrative staff and local faculty. For additional information about each academic program, please refer to the specific program page of the website. More detailed information about the specific teaching opportunities will be announced through the study abroad offices on your campus. There is no call for visiting faculty proposals open right now, though AHA does accept customized program proposals year round (more detailed information on customized programming can be found here). If you would like to receive an email once a call for visiting faculty proposals is announced please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


If selected to teach on an AHA program, you will be provided housing at the program site for the duration of your teaching assignment. Amenities vary from site to site, but in all cases faculty apartments are fully furnished and include the basic cookware, linens and other items needed for daily living. Descriptions of the housing available at each site are included in the previous links by site. Please keep in mind that each site may have certain limitations based on the housing available and that in general the apartment provided will be smaller than that to which many American families may be accustomed. For two faculty applying to team teach at an AHA site, housing is limited to that which is provided on site for one faculty member.  Additional requirements, e.g., a separate apartment, are the financial and logistical responsibility of the faculty team.  Please note:  Most sites require visiting faculty to provide a damage/cleaning deposit upon arrival.                           


Applications are reviewed online by Site Selection Committees consisting of AHA International staff, site directors, and former visiting faculty.

For every application, committee members look at:

  1. Course syllabi in terms of academic quality, appropriateness for site and students and student interest; and how well they fit with the existing curricula;
  2. Proposed excursions in terms of relevance to the site and courses, feasibility, attractiveness to students and applicant's ability to conduct them;
  3. Applicant's experience in the country, and language ability, if relevant;
  4. Teaching evaluations;
  5. Applicant's ability to lead student groups abroad;
  6. Potential for professional and intercultural development on the part of the faculty applicant;
  7. Ideas for, and commitment to, recruiting students for the program, and;
  8. Overall quality of the application

Each finalist will interview with a committee of representatives and AHA International staff to discuss in detail the nature of the programs and the duties of visiting faculty. One of the main purposes of the interview is to learn more about the applicant’s ability to lead student groups abroad and perform the duties associated with being a visiting faculty member abroad.


Visiting faculty selected as the primary candidate to teach must participate in a faculty orientation that will occur via Skype. Participation in faculty orientation is a condition of selection and exact dates will be announced at a later date.