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Live and study at the crossroads of European culture in the city that Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Schiele, Kafka and Freud once called home. Ride the tram along the Ringstraße and experience the extraordinary historic sights of the Innere Stadt, the first of Vienna’s 23 districts. Visit the Hofburg Imperial Palace and discover the historic Hapsburg Dynasty. Explore the vibrant Museumsquartier and shop at the famous outdoor Naschmarkt. Hike along one of the many trails through the green space that circles the city. Experience concerts, operas and performances offered throughout the year. With quick and easy access to many of Europe’s major cities, Vienna is your doorway to Europe’s past and present.

This program will use Vienna, as well as day trips to Hungary and Slovakia, as the classroom. Students will take advantage of Vienna’s modern cultural and academic resources while surrounded by ancient historical sites, monasteries and old town centers. Vienna is also home to an abundance of international and European organizations, such as the United Nations Headquarters. All classes for this program will be taught by experienced U.S. and Viennese faculty, and held at the Forum Journalismus und Medien Wien (FJUM)— a local journalism institute in partnership with AHA.

Musical & Cultural Immersion

Fall Quarter Musical & Cultural Immersion

Join Fritz Gearhart, professor of music at the University of Oregon's School of Music and Dance, in Vienna fall 2015. This program will accommodate both music students and non-music students interested in exploring the arts in the heart of Europe.

Cross-Border Interviewing and Story Development in Vienna and Segovia

Summer Cross-Border Interviewing and Story Development in Vienna and Segovia

Learn how to cross national, cultural and linguistic barriers while securing sought after information via the interview in two locations: Vienna, Austria and Segovia, Spain.