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  • Athens, GREECE

    Live What You Learn
  • Language Requirement: None
  • Academic Standing: Sophomore or Above
  • GPA Requirement: 2.5 or above

TermYearPriority DeadlineApp/Deposit DeadlineArrival DateDeparture Date
Fall Semester 2014 04/01/2014 06/15/2014 09/11/2014 12/06/2014
Spring Semester 2015 11/15/2014 01/29/2015 03/24/2015 06/14/2015
Fall Semester 2015 04/01/2015 06/01/2015 09/09/2015 12/05/2015 
Spring Semester  2016 12/01/2015 01/30/2016 03/22/2016 06/11/2016

*Complete all pre-decision materials by the priority deadline to receive a $75 credit toward your summer program fee or a $100 credit toward your academic year program fee.

Inside the Program

The AHA Athens Humanities program is designed for students who are looking for a strong academic program while living the culture and history of the birthplace of democracy. Athens is your classroom; archaeological field trips and cultural outings provide an integrated approach designed to immerse you in both the ancient and the modern culture and diversity of Greece. Link your sense of adventure and exploration to your educational endeavors.

Visiting Faculty

jeffrey hurwitIn spring 2015, University of Oregon professor Jeffrey Hurwit will teach two courses in Athens, Greece, alongside local Greek faculty. Enroll in Professor Hurwit's The Acropolis of Athens and The Human Figure and the Art of Archaic Greece, and explore the art, history and mythology of the Athenian Acropolis and the representation of the human figure in early Greek vase-painting and sculpture.

Credit Explanation / Academic Details

Students typically enroll in 2-3 courses in addition to the Monuments of Greece course, which is mandatory for all students. Additionally, students are strongly encouraged to take the Modern Greek Language course as well. All courses offered in Athens are recognized and approved for academic credit by various AHA partner institutions. Actual credit awarded is determined by the relevant department at your university in consultation with the study abroad office. Check with your study abroad advisor for more information.

The Athens Humanities program offers a strong academic program in ancient and modern history, archaeology, art history, literature, classical studies, theater and Modern Greek language. All courses are taught in English with the exception of language courses. Two courses are taught by American faculty, while the other classes are taught by U.S. or European professors who live in Athens.

Housing Description

While in Athens, students will live in a shared apartment with a small kitchenette within walking distance of the Athens Centre. Generally, there will be two to four students in each apartment, although some house up to six. Laundry services are available locally, but not within the apartment building. Meals are not covered in the program fees. There are a number of inexpensive caf├ęs and restaurants near the Athens Centre and, on average, you can expect to spend somewhere around 15-25 Euros per day on meals if eating out, but less if you cook for yourself in your apartment.

"Athens has reignited a creative spark

that has passed from philosophers, to artists, to poets, to song writers, and now to me. She has let me hear her hum and invited me to take part of her story."