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Policies for Visiting Faculty

Academic Performance
Students with low academic performance will be reported to the home campus.

Students are responsible for notifying their home campus if their enrollment course selections change. Visiting faculty are responsible for reading and understanding AHA’s academic student policies (attendance, add/drop, etc.) that can be found online.

Attendance Policy
Course attendance is required for all courses, including course related excursions. Attendance is required of students and visiting faculty at the weekly information meetings. Students and Visiting Faculty are required to attend all group excursions. Students are not allowed to skip classes or change exam times to accommodate personal travel. The Visiting Faculty member is required to be on site from the beginning through the end of the program.

Students who fail to follow the conduct rules outlined in the AHA Agreement Regarding Student Behavior will be subject to a review process carried out by the Site Director.

The program budget is drawn from student fees, and administered by the Site Director. Visiting Faculty may have access to modest funds for student activities and academic programming. Any funds used will need to be supported with appropriate receipts.

Class Schedules
Local faculty schedules take precedence when planning the course schedules. Classes are typically offered Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, while Fridays are reserved for excursions, or make-up classes.

Crisis Management
The Site Director and Site Staff are responsible for managing on site crises. Should the Visiting Faculty become aware of any crisis situation, they should report it immediately to the Site Director. The Visiting Faculty Member may be asked to assist in a particular situation, but is not the responsible party. Visiting Faculty should keep careful notes regarding any situations they are aware of and share those with the appropriate AHA staff.

Copyright Clearance
Visiting Faculty are responsible for securing copyright clearance for any texts reproduced for their courses. Course material funds can be used to cover costs (if within budget).

Housing is limited to a set occupancy that varies by site. Any dependents who accompany the faculty in provided housing are required to obtain program insurance. Dependents are not allowed to audit courses. Dependents may be invited to join excursions when space is available; however all expenses for dependent participation is the responsibility of the Visiting Faculty member. Obtaining appropriate visas and enrolling dependents in school or local programming is the sole responsibility of the Visiting Faculty Member.

Visiting Faculty are invited to design course related excursion within budget limitations, in consultation with the Site Director, and that utilize local, public transportation. Visiting Faculty are required to attend the group excursions, and are invited to present lectures to the group relevant to his or her courses.

Early Arrival - Visiting Faculty may be able to arrive early (varies by site and apartment) but may be required to pay towards the rental costs.

Housing Deposit
Visiting Faculty pay a damage deposit to AHA Oregon prior to departure. Once the Program staff has signed off on the check out process, the refund will be issued upon return from the program.

Visiting Faculty on academic year programs are typically covered by program provided insurance, 7 days prior and post the program dates. Summer Visiting Faculty are provided insurance 4 days prior and post the program dates. Any accompanying dependents are required to purchase program insurance as well. Claims are handled directly by the insured.

All Visiting Faculty are required to attend a Skype pre-departure orientation session.

Visiting Faculty are required to complete a final end of term report within one month of the end of the program. The report will be shared with the consortia and AHA Oregon and site staff. Visiting Faculty can request past reports from faculty from the Program Coordinator or the home campus reps.

Visiting Faculty are expected to fully engage in recruitment activities, including actively designing and implementing a recruitment plan for the program, with assistance and support from AHA and the campus study abroad office. Visiting Faculty are expected to continue to promote the program upon return to campus after the completion of their AHA program.

For academic year programs, most faculty will continue to receive regular salary and benefits from the home institution, however compensation for summer teaching positions will be determined on a case by case basis. Adjuncts, emeriti, and other faculty not on contract with their home institution while abroad may instead receive a stipend equivalent to the normal AHA replacement fee directly from the University of Oregon, as determined by the home institution. Faculty must confirm payment arrangements with the home institution and AHA prior to departure. Faculty who will be receiving a stipend from the UO are responsible for coordinating the provision of any required payroll documentation prior to departure.

AHA does not cover the cost of shipping materials to or from the site. This includes instructional materials or personal effects.

Terms of Faculty Participation
AHA establishes minimum program enrollments that must be met by dates specified in the online application in order for faculty participation. If the minimum program enrollment targets are not met by established dates, the visiting faculty position will be cancelled for the specified semester or summer program.

AHA will be responsible for the cost of a faculty member’s airfare only after the minimum student enrollment has been met. Faculty should confirm with AHA in writing before proceeding to book flights.